Better balustrading

We engineered, produced and manufactured the TH80 because we had a need. A need for an easier, sturdy and less invasive method of installing balustrading for balconies. Installing balconies meant that a few years down the track you would probably face costs of warranty work and insurance. Because we have felt your pain and understand your challenges we know that our TH80 balustrading product will make your life a lot easier.

This product is such a simple fix for a complicated problem we had to be careful while patenting and producing it. The name was born out of the need to disassociate its true use from the manufacturing and prototyping.

Our mission

The TH80 is a true revolution in the building industry, balustrading will never be the same again.

The TH80 is such a simple fix for a complicated problem. Proudly designed and developed in Australia, setting the world standard in building better balustrades – finally a smarter way of building better balustrades.

TH80’s Benefits


The TH80 system eliminates possibilities of damaged soffits, unwanted repairs and paint damage as previous systems have created upon failure.


A greater surface mounting area that creates improved stability to balustrading.


The process saves you time and money in the long run due to no maintenance and the practical design of the TH80.


There is no penetration of the waterproofing membrane required which assures structural integrity, no need for drilling through tiles and membranes.


Compatible with lightweight construction which means you don’t need concrete. Which equals cheaper building costs.


The TH80 can be used on concrete balconies where a waterproof system is required.


The TH80 system allows you to have the concrete balcony look at the lightweight construction price. No need for concrete balconies to ensure waterproof area.


The TH80 is molded in Nylon 6. This material will not fail due to moisture and structural movement.

TH80’s Specs