How can you make your balustrading better? We engineered, produced and manufactured the TH80 because we had a need. A need for an easier, sturdy and less invasive method of installing balustrading for balconies. Installing balconies meant that a few years down the track you would probably face costs of warranty work and insurance. Because we have felt your pain and understand your challenges we know that our TH80 balustrading product will make your life a lot easier.

This product is such a simple fix for a complicated problem we had to be careful while patenting and producing it. The name was born out of the need to dis associate it’s true use from the manufacturing and prototyping.


  • Make building beautiful custom designed balconies a breeze.
  • Eliminate water proofing and maintenance issues
  • Reduce cost associated with building balustrading and reducing insurance claims and warranty work.

The TH80 is a true revolution in the building industry, balustrading will never be the same again.

Beautifully designed balconies are a breeze. The TH80, making balustrading better.